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When we hear the name Anandwan, only one picture comes to our mind and that picture is of Internationally known Social Activist Late Shri Dr. Baba Amte. Anandwan was founded in 1949 under Maharogi Seva Samiti by Padma Vibhushan, Maharashtra Bhushan award winner Late Shri Dr. Muralidhar Devidas Amte who is better known as Baba Amte. Now it is run by Maharogi Seva Samiti which is headed by his son Dr. Vikas Amte.

Anandwan Eye Hospital

Eye Hospital

Anandwan is well known for sheltering the Leprosy patients. But it does not limit itself to Leprosy patients only. It is the home for visually impaired, deaf, mute and physically disabled people as well.

Anand Deaf and Mute School

Anand Deaf and Mute School

Anandwan is not only home for its people, but it also empowers them by teaching the work related to handloom, dairy, workshop, nursery, and farming to live with self-esteem.

People With Atmost Energy And Enthusiasm.

People of Anandwan produce almost everything from crops, milk to cloth and shoes.It has several ponds to conserve rainwater to overcome the water crisis. It has the solar system which is used to pump the water for farming.  To add to its credit Anandwan has its own Orchestra named Swaranandanwan comprising handicapped and blind artist who have given lots of performances in all over Maharashtra.

Anandwan LakeWater Reservoir

From Waste To Usable Things.

We see lots plastic waste all around us and do nothing. But here all plastic waste is recycled and use it for making bricks, mattress and pillows. Even cows dung is used for biogas and fertilizer.

Anandwan under Maharogi Seva Samiti has school for blind and deaf children’s which is known as SandhiNiketan and well known Anand Niketan Agriculture College, Anand Niketan College (Arts, Science and Commerce).

Baba Amte Samadhi

Baba Amte’s Grave

Shri Baba Amte has received the following awards.

  1. Padma Shri
  2. Padma Bhushan.
  3. Padma Vibhushan
  4. Maharashtra Bhushan.
  5. Ramon Magsaysay Award
  6. Gandhi Peace Prize

You must visit Anandwan to see how single families dedication and hard work made the difference in peoples lives.

How to reach

By Air:

Nagpur is the nearest Airport.

By Train:

Warora is the nearest Railway Station. From Warora Railway Station Anandwan is just 2 Km away.

By Road:

Aanandwan is about 110 Km away from Nagpur. Buses running from Nagpur to Chandrapur stops at Anandwan Square. From Square, it is just 5 min walking distance.

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